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Jerry Curtis





Jerry Curtis


2014-2015  Master A Harescarmbles, Master A Enduro,

Master A GNCC, Evo Senior A Class  

Next season class same and add Pre modern if he gets the bike ready.


Bike Ktm, Kawasaki, Yamaha  He owns a few.

Number #21A FTR, 421 Nationally  


Sponsors: TF RACING SUSPENSION, Seat Concepts, My Wife  


National Champion of Panama 125 and 250. 

Open classes from 1978 through 1983 riding for Yamaha until he left home and moved to the United States for School. Jerry currently has around 14 FTR championships and is one of the Oldest most experienced riders on the TF Racing Team.


Outside racing activities.... Cooking

Work life? MECHANICAL Contractor


How long have you been with TF Racing?  8 -10 Years. Been a long time.


Best advice from TF? Too much to list. Now that my Dad is gone, the only one I can ask for advice is Tom Fleming. When he talks I listen. 


When was your first race, where was it and how did it go?

Panama 1972 on 60 CC I WON THE BIKE CLASS.


What was the biggest difference when you started with TF Suspension?

TF keeps my bikes running and on the podium.


What got you into the sport? My Father


Favorite part of the sport? Being with my racing family and watching the young talent learn.


Least favorite part of the sport? People who are not having fun or do not lose gracefully.


One goal you would love to accomplish on the track and off the track? Be a good person. 


Biggest influence? My Dad


Favorite MX rider? Bob Hannah, Danny Magoo Chandler


Favorite track? La Florenca, Guatemala  


Your best race ever was: San Jose Costa Rica 1981.  I made the front page news for the Central American Championship.


Biggest regret? I should’ve stayed home a couple years longer and continued to race as opposed to leaving and going to school.


Biggest win? San Jose Costa Rica 


Biggest wreck? Too many to list. It seems I wreck a lot.


Favorite bike? Ktm and Yamaha


If you could invent one thing to improve the sport what would it be? Communication with the rider during the event.


What is your hype music? Ozzy Osborne.


What do you do before every race every time? Say a prayer to my Father.


What is the one thing you freak out if you realize you forgot to bring to the race? Boots. 


Advice for young riders? Listen to your elders.


How do you stay focused during the race? Try not to daydream.


How do you stay fit mentally and physically? Pilates and Mountain Bikes.


Do you train every day? No too Busy at work.


Trophy girl or girl who will wash your bike? Both.


Pet peeve on the track? Delays.


Pet peeve off the track? Delays.


When you are in second how hard is it to stay focused on the win?

Chase the leader and wait for my chance it comes natural.


If you get a bad start how do you keep your composure?

I just focus on getting around everyone.


Favorite thing you look forward to when you come back to the pits?

Hanging with my racing family, cooking food and Photos from DEKDEF.


Your preference MX SX HS Enduro? Harescarmbles and Enduro


Plans for the future? Get in better shape and top 3 GNCC next year, Pre Modern Class top 3, Master A Hare Scrambles Champ and maybe ride all the National Enduros in a few years. More Adventure riding and more traveling. Teach my son Ryan to ride fast and safe. 


Next goal? Top 5 GNCC series 1st year.


Pets and their names? Four Yellow Labs.


If you could go back in time and do one thing what would it be?

Spend more time with my Dad.


Favorite food? Asian  


Best thing to ever happen to you? My Wife and Kids


Last book you read? Dirt Rider


If you could improve one thing in FTR what would it be? More volunteers. If people would jump in and help instead of complain things would be better. 


You admire most of TF? Integrity


One thing you would like to thank TF for? There is too much to list. Without them, what I do would not be possible.


Describe Tom in one word. Mentor


Describe Ellen in one word. Boss


Anything you would like to add?


I would like to say Thanks to Tom and Ellen for being part of my racing

family, for believing in me and for all the mentorship and support. I am very

fortunate to be on the TF Racing Team. 


Motto: Hard work pays off and winners never quit. 


To learn more about Jerry check out the August issue of the FTR magazine at




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