Jesse Ansley – GNCC Rd 3 Steele Creek

Race Report March 28, 2015


Wow! What a cold weekend. With temperatures around the low 20’s at sun break it was an interesting weekend at the Steele Creek GNCC in Morganton, NC.


The morning started out good, nice and warm in the camper!  

I got all my gear on and had two very large jackets on before heading outside.  I felt super warm and very comfortable, but that only lasted about ten minutes before my hand, feet, and face were frozen and everything went downhill from there.  


With the temperatures that cold and me running a carbureted two stroke engine we had to re-prep the bike for it to last in very chilly conditions.  My job was just to make sure I kept myself and the bike warm before the start of the race.  Sitting on the starting line was not my favorite of the weekend that’s for sure! I need to move around and keep my body temperature up.  So when the green flag flew I was very excited to say the least. One thing is for sure, my starts suck, plain and simple!  It definitely makes my work harder having to come through the pack while the top guys are getting good starts.  I managed to get into second and right on top of the leader about a mile in.  I made a stupid mistake and messed up my rhythm.  Before I knew it Conner was out of my sight.  I was charging really hard but just couldn’t seem to catch him.

It wasn’t long before we started catching lappers.  Pour kids, they didn’t look like they were having any fun.  It was a struggle for me to pass them this race for some reason.  I just could not seem to get a break from either getting pinched off or getting stuck behind them. Lappers are something I will definitely have to work on before Big Buck.


About lap three is when my hands started to try to unfreeze and I could actually feel my levers.  I felt like I could ride and handle the bike better because I wasn’t frozen.  But also around that time is when Chase was right on my rear end pushing me up the trail.  Every time there was a switch back I would see him each lap getting closer.  About two laps later I made a mistake and he went from being five seconds back to zero.  He picked a better line than me in one section and passed for second.  I had my eyes on him the whole time. We were passing lappers like crazy fast.  We were on rails when we were battling.  It basically came down to who made the mistake.  On the white flag lap he was one second behind me coming into the chicane.  I knew I had to dig deep and push 100% for this second place position.  About a half mile in I make contact with a lapper and go off into the trees. Luckily I managed to jump right in front of Chase and stay in the second place position. But not long after that I ran into a problem with another lapper causing me to almost go down and sit sideways in the trail. Chase plowed me but I didn’t move. He kind of sat there and was waiting for me to turn around but he slid by me. I got turned around and was riding my best ever. I was slowly catching him but it wasn’t fast enough. Luckily for me he ran into a problem with a lapper and crashed.  I witnessed the after math when I came by.  I knew I had to push as hard as I could so he couldn’t see me.  It’s a lot harder to catch someone sight unseen.  I just tried to give it my all and make zero mistakes.  I came across the finish line with a big sigh of relief.

Even though it’s a second I was still relieved that I was able to podium out of that interesting race. Sometimes you have off days and you can’t find the rhythm.  I believe this weekend was on those days but every winner learns to conquer those types of days. 


My grandmother did some research and she figured out that

last year 2014 GNCC youth rider participation was an average

of 123 riders with Unadilla and Ironman having the highs of 180’s.  This year with only three rounds, the average in participation is 144. Last weekend at Steele Creek there were 164 entrees in the Youth division.  It’s great to see the increase and I’m glad to be able to race this great series and be a part of this sport.  The competition is great!


In the Pro race it was yet again Kailub Russell going three for three so far this season.  Josh Strang had a get off at the start but worked his way up to second.  However, along the way though he had an intense battle with KR4’s Thad Duvall.  Duvall said he didn’t feel comfortable running the pace they were battling at so he decided to back it down a notch and ride to the finish taking home a third. The podium was a repeat of last race in GA.  XC-2 was interesting with Jason Thomas making contact with Nick Davis.  Nick unfortunately had an issue and Jason rode to his second first place finish this year. Top amateur was 250 A’s Mark L Heresco JR. 


I wish everyone a Happy Easter and I’ll see you at Big Buck!

I would like to give a shout out to my Great Aunt Paula and her family for coming out and watching me race at Steel Creek. 


And as always I would like to give big thanks to all my supporters.  Thank you to TF Racing, Action KTM, Seat Concepts, HBD MotoGrafx, MSR gear, Nihilo, IMS Products, FMF Pipes, Steve Thomson Homes, DirtWise Riding Schools, Rekluse, Shoei Helmets, Cannon Racecraft, DekDef Photos, Total Building Solutions, Mike Hall, George Pollard, Randy Faul, my Mom and Dad, and my Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks for all the support.



Jesse Ansley – GNCC Rd 4 VP Racing Fuels

Big Buck Race Report April 12, 2015


Big Buck GNCC was amazing to say the least. Leading from start to finish is definitely the way to win a GNCC.  It was a hard fought 1st even though I was never in second place position.

Wake up Sunday morning with clear skies and 70 degrees.  It was almost perfect.  I picked a pretty good start position even though I was pretty wide I was in the clay where my rear tire would hook up.  I got off to an amazing jump and out-braked everyone to the first turn.  From there I put my head down and started charging as hard as I could.  I walked the track on Saturday so I had an idea where the track went and what I needed to look out for.  Being the first one to the Sunday only sections was a little tough but I managed to get through it just fine.  The pine needles were really tricky being you couldn’t brake or get on the gas hard without you losing traction and losing time.  Luckily with my sweet super mini I was able to click up a gear and plant the power to the ground.  One Sunday section was really sketchy because it had stumps. I surprisingly didn’t catch lappers until half way through my second lap.  It was good to ride some of the single track with it already burned in and no lappers.  It was nice but I was really excited to test my skills and pass lappers in single track.  The lappers are getting better each race as I learn that I need to get going instead of hesitating. Embarrassedly I crashed right before I went into the scoring zone.  I felt like a total goon, but I jumped right up with my bike still running and kept on going.  Starting that lap was tough just because I couldn’t find my groove again.  Luckily I got it back and just starting plucking away. 

Every lap I saw second place in the field sections.  Of course that was in the back of my mind but I had to stay mentally focused and keep my composure.  I did indeed keep it until the last lap I automatically got nervous and started making really dumb mistakes.  About halfway through the lap I realized I was making dumb mistakes and quickly turned it around and started riding like I should be when I’m pressured.  It did come down to four seconds at the end but that only motivates me to work harder for the next round.


At the 1pm Pro race it was Kailub Russell keeping his win streak alive, going four for four.  Taking home yet again another second place was Josh Strang.  He’s getting closer and closer each round and I know that he has to be tired of getting second.  Josh is a former champion in this class so he knows what it takes.  Rookie Grant Baylor had an impressive ride and took home third, being his first Pro XC1 podium of his career.  Fresh off a minor injury, Washington’s very own Ricky Russell took a hard fought win in the XC2 class.  Repeating last race results, Layne Michael took home another second place.  Moto Tech KTM’s Trevor Bollinger got his third, third place of the season at Big Buck.  Vance Francis was your 250A winner and top amateur.


I would like to give a shout out to my Great Aunt Paula and her family for coming out and watching me again this weekend.

And for some of my FTR family Donnie and Karin Richardson along with George Pollard who showed up to cheer me on. 


I would also like to give big thanks to all my supporters. 

Thank you to TF Racing, Action KTM, Seat Concepts, HBD MotoGrafx, MSR gear, Nihilo, IMS Products, FMF Pipes, Steve Thomson Homes, DirtWise Riding Schools, Rekluse, Shoei Helmets, Cannon Racecraft, DekDef Photos, Total Building Solutions, Pete Smith, Mike Hall, Randy Faul, my Mom and Dad, and my Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks for all the support.

Jesse Ansley – GNCC Round 8 - John Penton, OH

Race Report June7th, 2015


June 8 at 10:09am

Well heading home now after a pretty tough weekend. Got off to a great start, running up front battling with Conner Smith never 2 seconds apart. Lap 4 1/2 I took a pretty hard hit to the ground causing my day to take a turn. Conner ran into the back of me due to being so close and running our pace. I messed up my shoulder and my tail bone is super sore from being ran in the back. I knew I needed to stick it out and at least finish for some points and ended up 3rd. Going to the doctor soon to see what the deal is and hopefully be ready by Snowshoe! Thanks to everyone that was cheering me on and all my great sponsors. Id really like to thank my grandpa and grandma for helping through thick and thin. Also thanks to Matt Watson for helping me get on the podium since I was to hurt to ride my bike and for all the great interviews.


GNCC 2015



Machine:  KTM

Class:  Bike Youth 42.  Super Mini (14-15)   

Class Rank: 1  Class Points: 179  Points  Behind  0


Class Bike PM 05. 200 A  

Class Rank  35   Class Points 0   Points  Behind 179


Event Finish Summary


Round 1 - Wild Boar - Palatka, FL

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 2 - The General - Aonia Pass, GA

Class Finish: 8  /  Overall Finish: 12


Round 3 - Steele Creek - Morganton, NC

Class Finish: 2  /  Overall Finish: 2


Round 4 - Big Buck - Union, SC

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 5 - Limestone 100 - Springville, IN

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 6 - Tomahawk - Odessa, NY

Class Finish: 3  /  Overall Finish: 3


Round 7 - Mountaineer Run - Masontown, WV

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 8 - John Penton - Millfield, OH

Class Finish: 3  /  Overall Finish: 3


Round 9 - Snowshoe - Snowshoe, WV

Class Finish: 2  /  Overall Finish: 2


Round 10 - Unadilla - New Berlin, NY

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 11 - Mountain Ridge - Central City, PA

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 12 - Powerline Park - St. Clairsville, OH

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1


Round 13 - Ironman - Crawfordsville, IN

Bike Youth 42.  Super Mini (14-15)  

Class Finish: 1  /  Overall Finish: 1

Bike PM - 05. 200 A
 Class Finish: 3rd  /  Overall Finish: DNF