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"Racing is all about life and living, you make mistakes and life moves on. There is not one stand out rider, there are fast ones and there are slow ones, all of them bring adventure and excitement. There will be no other feeling than watching a start with a Pro-Rider riding at Mach 10 or the smile on the face of someone who just jumped their first double or for that matter finished their first race. I have been very lucky to help great riders."

-Tom Fleming

Tom's unparalleled work ethic knows no bounds; from sunrise to sunset, he dedicates 110%. Since childhood, Tom has been dismantling water pumps and electric motors for his father to repair, eventually learning to repair them from start to finish himself. It's believed that Tom's passion for the industry was ignited during those early experiences and late nights in the shop with his dad. 

Tom got older and as fate would have it, one opportunity led to another, and before long, Tom secured a position at the Kawasaki dealership, assembling new bikes at night. This role provided him with valuable insights into seeing what the racing industry was really all about. Shortly thereafter, Larry Martini, the manager of the Yamaha shop, extended a full-time job offer to Tom. For a decade, Tom honed his skills under the guidance of Martini and Steve Reynolds, the service manager, working on and building race and street bikes for customers. Later, Tom transitioned to working for Paul Murphy, whose son was a prominent rider for Yamaha during the peak of his professional career. It was during this time that Tom embarked on the road as a race mechanic for the AMA 250 Professional Motocross and Supercross series.


In 1972, Tom Fleming saw the need for better ways to deal with the harsh Florida terrain. He rode a modified 175 Bultaco Pursang and other riders would see that his bike did not break, so they came to him for the same mods and of course everyone wanted more horsepower. TF always enjoyed riding, but what he has always enjoyed the most is building bikes and helping others win. 

50 years later, TF Racing maintains as the premier local, family-owned entity in racing suspension, with a reach that extends across the United States and beyond. Tom and Ellen, his wife of more than three decades, persist in advancing with exceptional customer service, coaching, expertise, and passion. Continuing the legacy and advancing our presence in the industry, Jesse Ansley, the grandson of Tom and Ellen, has joined Tom to grow the business and allow more riders to reach the height of their success. Currently, Ansley races professionally for Kawasaki Team Green, prioritizing the GNCC series in the XC2 class. He boasts multiple championship titles across national and local racing series and plays a vital role in the TF Racing Suspension operation today. Tom and Jesse have forged a strong partnership, achieving success both in and out of the shop, and have clinched numerous personal championships together.

TF Racing Suspension goes beyond the label of a suspension shop. When you choose to place your trust in us, you're not just a customer; you're welcomed into our family. What are you waiting on, email us today and let's get started! 

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