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50th Anniversary  messages.
We are honored to be part of your team!!

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Where to begin..

I am so fortunate to live 20 minutes away from the best guy in off road racing. From bike building to mentoring to becoming one of my best friends that will not let me use a hammer anymore to fix things….polished and shiny does not make it faster……you have taught me so much.

Dale Moore 3-16-2022

Tom's best piece of advice…. 99% mind….. so true .  Tom has always been there with advise and will drop anything to help. He sets my bikes up so I can ride my best. When he award me the most improved award at the banquet, it was because of him. I hope to be lucky enough to to work with him for many years to come, even if it means more tire flipping drills!!

Jimmy Moore #148 3-16-2022

TF Suspension is not only part of my “Race Family” but they are one of the best in the biz when it comes to giving the racer a competitive edge with amazing suspension! I never knew how much of a difference suspension work would make in my riding until I had Tom rework my shocks and forks. Been riding on “TF Clouds” since 2017!!! Thank you for all you have done over the years!  Matt Rinaldi 3-16-2022

We can’t explain how much Tom and Ellen mean to our family. They have been there from the beginning and have helped us more than anyone. They have always had faith in Blake and have done everything they can in their power to make him successful while having fun. It’s not just Blake they have helped out, since Zoe has started racing Tom will ride around the track to watch her and tell us to bring the bike to him he so he can make it handle better. He may not always be able to be at the races but he always keeps up with how the kids do when he’s not there.


I can’t put into words how much he’s done for us and how to thank him. The time, knowledge, mentoring, and friendship he has given us means so much and it’s not just us he does all this for, there are so many that would say the same thing. He always says “we aren’t friends we’re family”.


The Yahraus family THANKS YOU and Ellen for everything!! We absolutely couldn’t have done this without you guys! 3-17-2022

  Congrats to TF! My favorite memory was the Chris Bach and TF riding day! I learned a lot as a rider that day

  from Tom and Chris. Tom spent so much time with everyone to make sure that everyone’s bike and                 

  suspension was working the way that it should! Lucie Blahackova



 Tom and Ellen weren’t just a sponsor when I was racing, they were family and treated me like

 I was family. I want to say the memory I look back on and remember the most was 2011

 Loretta Lynn’s. I was racing 65s and didn’t have the best first moto so I asked Tom to take me

 to the gate for the second. I ended up pulling the holeshot by so much Tom said later,

 “He could’ve stopped and read the newspaper.” I asked him to take me to the gate the

 third moto and ended up doing the same thing. Apparently it was seen by many because

 the next year I was the cover for the area, regional,

 and Loretta Lynn’s schedule in RacerX. Like I said it was

 more then just a sponsorship. I really do miss being around

 them at the race track and at the house testing on their brutal

 sand track. Cole Williams 3-17-2022

Tom and Ellen have done nothing but treat me like family since the moment we started working together! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people! THANK YOU GUYS. Korie Steede 3-19-2022

 Tom is really special to us. Tom was such a huge part of our racing family. He has the biggest heart and great   mentor. JP had a amazing teacher and coach by him while he raced. The Fleming family was more then a   racing family to us. We loved when Cristy, Lynwood and the kids would stay with us. Ellen made the best sliders.   How we miss those day's, but the memories are a Blessing to have with the TF Racing family.

 Jeff, Tammy and JP Wilson 3-15-2022

Congrats to 50 years TF racing! 

 To say that TF Racing is 'the best'  doesn't really do justice in giving the credit that Tom and Ellen deserve, and in no way comes close to expressing my gratitude toward them and absolute respect I have for Tom and his ability to be the 'suspension whisperer' (as Ellen put it while I was having a tuning day with Tom). 


Tom is gifted with his ability to unscramble and decipher the nontechnical mumbo jumbo a rider throws at home to precisely tune a suspension that makes a rider more confident, faster, and able to truly enjoy their sport even more.  The amount of time and effort he gives to his riders makes you feel more like family than a customer.


I have learned so much through Tom and his wealth of knowledge and know it impacted my riding more than any other single factor.


I feel very fortunate to know Tom and Ellen and feel very lucky to have TF racing tune me and my suspension up.

Allen Linville 3-21-22

I was introduced to TF racing (Tom , Mrs. Ellen, Randy, Mike, and Jesse ) at the Perry Mountain 24 hr challenge in 2013 . I remember riding the bike they put together for the race thinking that it was the best bike I had ever rode . The suspension was so good it was unreal. The team won the race and Tom and I spoke about doing some suspension work on my race bike when we got back home . Little did I know the impact this would have on my racing .

TF racing has bent over backwards for me so many times to get my suspension dialed in and to make sure I was ready to race . Tom has taken the time to teach me how the suspension works and helped me get better with adjusting my settings . I’ve learned so much over the years and TF racing has been a huge part of my success in racing . TF racing is truly the best of the best and I’m lucky to have had them to help me for the past 10 years !


Thanks TF Racing

Scott Gawler 3-23-2022


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Heading 1

I can’t thank Tom and Ellen and TF racing enough for everything they have done for me. From my bikes all being set up perfect to the before and after race talks and just them being a family to me since I was born. Tom has always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I remember the 2016-2017 season when Tom had given me the most improved rider and I was so thankful for that award. Tom has given me endless amounts of support that has helped me shape who I am today and no words can describe how thankful I am for everything they have helped me with. Thank you guys. Korbin Dinkel


“Tom is an amazing man, who lives on purpose and passion to help riders get the optimal performance  out of their dirt bike.  His knowledge and friendly approach allows many to feel confident on the journey when in reality they don’t have a clue of which way to click the clickers on their suspension.  It is fun to see when a person has found and enjoys their life’s calling like Tom has!


Steve Hatch 6-time ISDE Gold Medalist

Frank Evans 2.jpeg


Thank you for giving us so much of your time and advice in all things on and off the bike. I have always relished in walking around your shop with my jaw on the floor! Your a wizard with your craft! Thank you for everything and congrats on 50 years!  Frank Evans

We May Need Every Second We Can Get

We were racing in Brooksville, FL at the Crooms Motocross track. I believe it was the 1987 Florida Gold Cup Series. In the morning practice I burned up the clutch of my CR 125. We didn’t think too much about it, because we either had a clutch or knew someone that did. I proceeded to my 250 practice and shortly after we all went to the riders meeting. Usually, the 125 class would be in the middle of the program so we would have plenty of time to change out the clutch. However, to our surprise my 125 first moto was put second on the race schedule for that morning.


In the meantime, my dad did locate a clutch. The key point of the story was that Tom went into “supersonic wrench mode” and became laser focused on the task at hand, which was to get to the start line for my first moto. Before I could blink the bike was on its side and he was breaking it open to remove and replace the clutch. At that time the first moto out for the day was moving out to the starting line and my class was in the staging area. While he is spinning the wrenches, he looks up at me and says, “Go to the staging area and wait until your class moves to the line.” He continued to instruct me that once I picked my gate spot not to step forward and request the 2-minute delay until the starter starts moving his finger across the line and comes to my gate, and then request the delay. He looked at me and said, “We may need every second we can get”, and he sent me on my way.


The first race has crossed the finish line and my class is moving into the gate, but no sign of Tom. The starter moves into position and started going down the line. Once he gets to my gate I stepped up and held two fingers up for the 2-minute delay. I look again, and lo and behold here comes Tom. However, he isn’t making his way through the staging area he’s coming in through the side where there is a ribboned off area to the side of the staging area as he’s trying to bypass all the congestion of the other riders/bikes. He looks left and then right, steps off to the side of the bike, drops it in gear and pops the clutch to let the front wheel wheelie over the ribbon fence and let its momentum drive it to the ground. He remounts and rides up just in time to my gate. I get on the bike and he yells in my ear, “Just relax. Race well.”


I do not recall how I placed in that moto, but when you are racing the last thing, you want is a DNF or even worse DNS. Because of Tom’s skill and cool hand, I was able to compete in all four of my motos that day.



New Girlfriend

We were racing at Desoto Motocross Track in Bradenton, FL. We had already had the first motos for my 125 and 250 class. It was a good morning; I was fortunate enough to win both my first two motos. Tom and my dad were working on the bikes, I was relaxing in our pit. I hear my dad tell Tom that Shirley (my mom) is bringing Jeff’s new girlfriend, Amy to watch the second moto races in the afternoon. Without pause Tom replies back, “There goes the afternoon motos, we might as well pack it up because the new girlfriend is coming.” He mumbles a few other things and continues working on the bikes.


I don’t know if he knew I heard him or if he intentionally wanted me to hear him and was just trying to piss me off! Two things I knew I wanted to accomplish that afternoon in my last two motos:

  1. Prove Tom was wrong and by doing so,

  2. Impress my new girlfriend.


At the end of the day, I ended up winning my last two motos of the afternoon, which would become one of my few four moto sweeps. As I think about it, I’m pretty sure Tom was just trying to motivate me to finish out the day well and not lose my focus. I also made some kind of impression on my new girlfriend, Amy as several years later we married and have been married 30 years, September 2022.



I know my stories are directly about Tom but I can’t say enough about Tom and Ellen as a team. They both were always so positive and uplifting no matter how your race day was going. They are two of the most kind and gracious people that I’ve met. When I think about both of them it’s not just about a race or making repairs on a bike. They were always big on developing relationships with people and always cared about you and your family. It is so hard to believe that those racing days were almost 40 years ago for me and my family’s short time we spent with both of you at MX races or you working on our bikes. It is a huge milestone that TF Racing is celebrating 50 years, it certainly is a testament to both Tom and Ellen and all that they have meant to the MX and offroad racing community all these years. I and my family have been blessed with being one small spoke in a part of that ride. Wish you guys the best and many years and blessings to come.


Jeff Warrington #17

March 30, 2022

One of my favorites. This was the gas stop at the first FTR HS of 2003-04. I was leading 2

When I think of harescrambles, and wanting to go fast, I think of Tom Flemming. When I think of someone at the track who if they could they'd help you win. Tom puts his all into every rider he comes across. For the moment he has you he spends that time with you. For me I was lucky enough to receive help from TF racing the last couple years I raced serious. His added knowledge on suspension alone took me to what I felt was another level. Then he adds his level of respectful yet knowledgeable insight to racing how could you go wrong. The man is dedicated to what he knows and loves and it's given out Dailey to those of us lucky enough to have Tom in our corner. Growing up all I wanted to do was be as fast as I could. As an adult TF racing helped me achieve those goals. I don't have many pictures of he and I but I sure do have alot of nice trophies . Thank you for all you do and did for my family all the years we raced

Happy 50th anniversary 


Corey Blanton 264

Tom and Ellen have gone above and beyond for me in my amateur career for 10+ years. There was countless times my dad and I would drop our suspension off at 2-3 am at his shops door. He would get it turned around faster than anyone I know if we were in a rush to head to the next national.

They have done a lot for me and I really appreciate it!

Gage Gongas

One of my favorite racing pictures of all time!

I’ve only had the opportunity to know Tom for a couple of years now, but it feels like a life time.
I met Tom in the beginning of 2019 and things clicked right away. I would tell him what I felt and he always knew exactly What to do. He’s a suspenion wizard!

This picture says a thousand words, on this day we went out and took the xc2 win on a national podium!

Thanks for all the good memories, happy birthday and 50th anniversary!!
Johnny Girroir

Johny Girror.jfif
Jiggs 2.jpg

Tom has been such an inspiration to our entire family.  His patient words of wisdom have sparked the curiosity and intent of our 12 year old son.  He has given confidence to our daughter. Fatherly in his mannerisms, Tom always finds time to listen and assist yet allowing us to grow by ultimately making our own decisions. His tall arms have wrapped me in an understanding warm hug more than once.


Ellen’s heart is giving and kind.  She works tirelessly and selflessly.  She helps the kids in so many ways, from locating parts and sponsors to hydration and nutrition, asking nothing in return. We like to give her hugs!


Tom and Ellen share an energy that rivals that of younger generations. Their boundless love for each other and the sport is noted by the long dedicated hours they work side by side. We are so fortunate and honored to say they are our friends.


We love you guys! ❤️❤️

Len, Yancie, Ruby & Jiggs Fustini

My Top 10 Things I Have Learned From Tom Fleming.


1.) Make sure you strap your VP Race Feul down in the back of the truck going down the interstate.

(Lost A 5 Gallon can of race fuel on the way to Loretta’s.)


2.) To buy the same tools to have in every Truck, Trailer and Shop. This is great advice and I have done this and it’s great.


3.) Pack your lunch if your going to his house to test. The guy doesn’t eat when he is working.


4.) There is the Manufactures way, your way and then there’s Toms way. Toms way is the only way.


5.) Finish one job before starting on anther. This is great advice. I try to do this all the time.


6.) I wanted to know if I have moved from Grasshopper status?


7.) Don’t touch his windows or you will clean his windows. One of the funniest stories and he probably has know idea.

8.) Tom has Money stashed everywhere. Hang out with him and you might find some. 😂😂😂


9.) If Tom calls you, you better answer the phone. Calling him may take a while to get a hold of him.


10.) He is a Taco eating machine. When he stayed at our house he ate enough tacos for 3 people.


I consider Tom not just a friend but family. Our best times have always been while the racing was done and just kicked back and told stories. Some true some not. Mostly not.

Randy Guffey

I have known big T since 1972. Started working beside him in 1974 at THE YAMAHA SHOP. Had a great time. We were always getting in trouble. He is the kind of person that would give you his shirt off his back and more. A great friend always. Ricky Palmer

Ricky Palmer hat.jpg
image1 (20).jpeg

My favorite story with Tom has to be when I was on the 125 and I forget which race it was, but we were talking and He said to me “ your the dog and I'm just the tail” He would always make a tail waging motion whenever we did something good! Him saying that just really made me realize how caring Tom was for me and how he would put everyone before him and make sure that they received all the help he could get. He always made every long talk we have beneficial for me and never said anything negative. I feel that is why he makes such a huge help and part of my team, just the positivity alone is amazing and the way he wants your dream to come true as much as you do is what makes him such an awesome dude!

Thank you Brayden

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