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Need to ship?

Shipping your suspension to us involves several steps to ensure its safe delivery. Please carefully review the entire shipping page below before sending your suspension to TF Racing Suspension, as we cannot accept liability for damage caused during transit due to improper packaging or for lost packages shipped by the customer. Additionally, remember to insure your package before shipping. ​

Please ship to:

TF Racing Suspension

11523 Palmbrush Trail 

Suite 218 

Lakewood Ranch, Florida 






Must do's when shipping...

  • Please notify us before shipping if you're handling the shipment yourself, ensuring we're informed that your suspension is on its way. This will enable us to confirm all necessary parts are in stock, facilitating a swift turnaround for you.

  • When utilizing a gun case, secure the locking loops with zip ties. Subsequently, apply clear tape over the latches and wrap it entirely around the case to prevent accidental opening, even when the case is enclosed within another box. Additionally, wrap tape around the ends of the case. We are not liable for improper packing of your suspension.

  • Prior to shipping, ENSURE THE REMOVAL OF ANY FORK AIR BLEEDERS, as their presence during shipping can result in oil leakage during transit.

  • Use old shop towels, bubble wrap, paper, or similar materials to FILL ANY GAPS around your suspension. This helps prevent parts from hitting each other or damaging your case during transit.

  • Please be sure to write "MOTORCYCLE PARTS" on the outside of your gun case or box to eliminate any delivery refusals on behalf of the shipping services. 

  • If you're shipping independently, remember to INSURE YOUR SHIPMENT for a value of $3,500. Please ship via FedEx or UPS; DO NOT use USPS. TF Racing Suspension cannot be held liable for any damages or lost packages during transit when shipped by the customer.

  • Do not forget to include your contact information within the box/gun case so that we may contact you if needed. 

  • Prior to shipping, ensure that your suspension components are CLEAN. Failure to do so may result in incurring a cleaning fee.

Shipping Process


Pack suspension properly in gun case or box.


Inform us of your shipment and provide tracking number


We receive, inspect, and reach out with tailored plan.


Once approved, work is completed. 


Suspension is packed and returned to you via UPS.

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