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In the world of off-road racing, success is born from confidence, and that confidence hinges on the performance of your suspension system. A meticulously calibrated suspension not only provides the stability and control required to navigate rugged terrain but also instills the assurance necessary to push beyond limits and outpace your competitors.

Custom Suspension Tuning

We meticulously analyze your riding style, preferences, and bike specifications to tailor suspension settings that maximize performance and responsiveness. Whether you're conquering challenging trails or seeking smooth rides, our custom tuning ensures optimal performance for your individual needs.


Upgrade Installation

Elevate your riding experience with premium suspension upgrades from leading manufacturers. Whether you're seeking enhanced dampening performance, adjustability, or weight savings, our team installs high-quality components to take your dirt bike to the next level.


Service and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive suspension services and routine maintenance to keep your dirt bike operating at peak performance levels. From seal replacements to fluid changes, our skilled team works hard to ensure that your suspension system remains in top condition, enhancing durability and longevity.


Consultation and Support

We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering personalized consultation and ongoing support. Our experts are available to address your questions, provide technical advice, and offer recommendations for optimizing your suspension setup based on evolving riding preferences and skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I service my suspension?

As you ride, your suspension experiences continuous motion, causing heat and friction that wear down components and reduce suspension oil effectiveness, leading to decreased lubrication. Neglecting maintenance accelerates this process, compromising suspension responsiveness and stability. Routine maintenance not only mitigates the risk of excessive wear on internal components but also preserves the bike's original handling traits.


How often should I service my suspension?

For serious racers or those seeking optimal bike performance, we recommend servicing your suspension every 15-20 riding hours. Casual riders may find servicing every 30-40 hours sufficient. Additionally, prolonged storage can degrade oil and seals, causing stiffness and cracks in internal parts, leading to blown seals, oil loss, and dampening changes. Pay attention to your bike's feel while riding; if it seems soft or less responsive, it's time for a refresh.


Is a revalve included in a suspension service?

If your suspension has undergone our Re-valve Service for you and we've refined the settings for your bike, we'll update the valving during your suspension service at no extra charge. We back our Re-valve Service for as long as you own your bike/suspension. If your requirements evolve, such as enhanced skill/speed, necessitating updated valving specifications, we'll make the adjustments at no additional cost during servicing.

Lets get started...

Once you contact us at, we'll promptly arrange your Suspension Service and provide you with an estimated completion date. If you're delivering your suspension in person, we'll gather any pertinent additional information then. We also provide a suspension removal and remounting service at an additional charge for those who prefer bringing in their entire bike. For clients shipping their suspension, we'll reach out to you directly for any additional details needed.

After disassembling your suspension, we'll inform you of any abnormalities or issues beyond the standard service scope for your input on any necessary additional work. Once the service is complete, we'll call you to confirm, allowing you to return to enjoying the track or trails without delay!

Info: Shipping your Suspension

Shipping suspension can be a hassle, but it's crucial to ensure the safe delivery of your parts. Should you have any questions, email or before shipping. 

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