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In 2022 TF Racing and Suspension is celebrating 50 years of excellence!!

TF Racing has been the local family owned industry leader in the motocross suspension business.


In 1972, Tom Fleming saw the need for better ways to deal with the harsh Florida terrain. He rode a modified 175 Bultaco Pursang and other riders would see that his bike did not break " So they came to us for the same mods and of course everyone wanted more horsepower."


Today, TF Racing Suspension still continues to keep growing. Along with his wife Ellen, TF's  passion for the sport and dedication to his customers is second to none.


"Racing is all about life and living, you make mistakes and life moves on. There is not one stand out rider, there are fast ones and there are slow ones, all bring adventure and excitement. There will be no other feeling than watching a start with a Pro-Rider riding at Mach 10 or the smile on the face of someone who just jumped their first double or for that matter finished their first race. I have been very lucky to help great riders."

                                                                                                         Tom Fleming



Click on images to read more about TF Racing in the December 2016 issue of the FTR Magazine.

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