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Race Highlights History: 

2016-2017 The FMF/RPM/KTM Maxxis Racing Team is

pleased to announce a multi-year deal with

amateur sensation Jesse Ansley.

The 3-year contract will bring Ansley

through his final years as an amateur

and into the

Pro Class in the GNCC Series.

Welcome to the team Jesse! 

Florida Trail Riders Hare Scramble 


2015-2016 200 A Class Champion


2014-2015  Junior A Class Champion


2013-2014  Mini A Class Champion

2012-2013 Mini A Class Champion

2011-2012 1st Place overall 65cc A Class 

2010-2011 1st Place overall 65cc A Class

2009-2010 2nd Place overall 65cc A Class 

2008-2009 1st Place overall Pee Wee A Class 

2007-2008 2nd Place overall Pee Wee B Class 

GNCC Grand National Cross Country


2016 200 A  Overall  National #28





2014 - 1st Place Overall 85 (12-13)

National Number 9


2012 - 1st Place Overall 65 (10-11)

National Number 18


2012 Qualified at Reddick, Florida to go to the regional race for The 2012 Red Bull 
Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. 

2011 Mini O’s National

16th Overall 65 10-11 Stock 
13th 65 7-11 Modified 

2010 Loretta Lynn regional Qualifier

29th Overall 65 10-11 Stock 
29th Overall 65 7-11 Modified 

2010 Mini O’s National 28th overall 65 7-9 Stock 


June: 2007 Florida State Series Championship

Okeechobee: #1 overall 6 yr. old Novice 

2006 Florida State Series Championship:
Tampa: #1 overall 5 yr. old Novice 

September 2005 – NBL Grands (National Championships)
4th overall 5 & under rookie in the nation 

2005 Florida State Series Championship: (4 yr old Novice) 
1 Overall– 5 & under Novice 

December 2004– NBL Christmas Classic National Series/Sarasota, FL 
5 & Under Rookie Sat 2nd Sun 3rd 

December 2004 – NBL Presidents Cup National Series Race - Florida 5 & under Rookie 3rd 

June 2004 – Florida state Series Championship
Okeeheelee #1 overall – 3 yr. Old rookie

Check out this video I was honored to be part of.

From The Other Side. Thank you Rob Mitchell.

 The Early Years



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