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Landon Lynn





                                                      Landon Lynn #15

                                                             Bike:  2014 KTM 450XC

2014-2015 Class:  250A    2015-2016 Class:  A Open

Championships:  2014-2015  250A Championship

2013/2014  250B Championship & Overall Highpoint B Champion


Sponsors:  TF Racing Suspension, Moose Racing,

Spy Optics, Pit Stop Cycles, Seat Concepts, Acerbis, MSKI



Outside Racing Activities:  Ninjutsu, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking

School Life:  Home Schooled


What was the biggest difference when you started with TF Suspension:  The instant confidence I had in my bike.  I didn’t have to guess how my bike was going to react.  I now knew.


When was your first race, where was it and how did it go?:It was at Ace Moto X Park on my KTM 50cc and it went great.  I won my 1st moto by half a lap and had some issues in the 2nd moto and got 2nd overall.


What got you into the sport:  My dad.  He grew up riding and racing.


Favorite part of the sport:  That once the race starts your results lie solely on your own shoulders. 

If you weren’t racing on the weekends you would be:  practicing and preparing for the next race.


One goal you would love to accomplish on the track and off the track:  On the track would be to continue to improve my line selection.  Off the track is to continue to increase my physical conditioning.


Biggest Influence:  My Dad, Mom, & sister Haley.


Favorite MX Rider:  Ryan Villopoto.  Favorite off-road rider:  Kailub Russell.


Your best race ever was:  The 2014 Big Buck GNCC in South Carolina.  It was a 3 hr. 23 min. race and I came from last off the start to 5th at the finish.


Biggest win:  The last round of the 2014/2015 FTR Harescrambles series at Strickland Ranch when I won and captured the 250A Championship.


Biggest wreck:  Myakka race during the 2012/2013 FTR Harescrambles series (my 1st season in harescrambles). I was battling for the lead and hit a ditch in 5th gear wide open and went end over end.  Luckily, I was not injured and able to continue racing, but was incredibly sore all the following week.


Biggest regret:  Not getting into racing harescrambles sooner because I am racing against guys who have so much more experience than I do and I am constantly working to catch up.

After a day of racing what is your preference?  Tent, camper, motor home, hotel, or drive the extra three hours and be in our own bed:  Drive the extra 3 hours and be in my own bed. Although, I do like camping at the track because I enjoy the comradery with the fellow racing families.


Favorite bike:  2014 KTM 450XC

Favorite gear:  Moose gear.


If you could invent one thing to improve the sport what would it be:  My Dad has something, but I can’t talk about it just yet.


What is your hype song:  Satellite by Rise Against

What do you do before every race every time:  I try to set realistic goals for myself.


Advice for younger riders:  Don’t quit, race every race to the end, and leave nothing on the track. 

Work on your weaknesses and always remember that you get out what you put into it.


How do you stay fit mentally and physically:  Physically by lots of cardio on the elliptical and mountain biking, but my main workout is a combination of cardio/strength training.  Mentally by working out and riding a lot.  When I know I’ve worked hard I have the confidence I need on the track to get a good finish.


Do you train every day:  I have a very regimented schedule for training on and off the bike which consists of about 5 days a week.


Pet peeve on the track:  Slower riders in other classes that don’t want to let you pass.

Pet peeve off the track:  Dealing with poor sports.


When you are in second how hard is it to stay focused on the win:  It is not difficult for me at all. 

Second is a good place for me to be in because I am hunting my competitor down.


If you get a bad start how do you keep your composure:  I calm myself down and focus on being smooth.


Favorite thing you look forward to when you come back to the pits: 

A soda which I don’t allow myself at any other time when training.


Plans for the future:  To continue improving as a rider and reaching my goals.


Next goal:  To win the A Open Championship & Highpoint A Championship this coming season.


Pets and their names:  We have 2 horses, 3 cats, 4 dogs, & a bunny, but my favorite is a hound dog we rescued named Minnie. 


One thing people don’t know about you:  I am into survival skills and learning to survive off the land.


Famous person you would like to eat lunch with:  Aldon Baker, so I could really see what the pro’s do behind the scenes.


Favorite food:  Anything that has barbeque sauce on it.

Favorite movie:  Tommy Boy


What do you do in your free time:  I go mountain biking, horseback riding, practice survival skills, and fish.

Last book you read:  The Death Cure


If you could have three wishes guaranteed to come true that you could only use for you what would they be:  My first wish would be for my sister to make a full recovery and live the happy life she deserves.  Second, would be to have enough money to do everything I want and help others.  Third, would be to have an endless supply of motorcycles.


If you could improve one thing in FTR what would it be:  I think FTR should do filming of the races and have videos of the top riders giving podium speeches like other series do.I think that this would help the FTR organization to have more sponsorship available to the FTR riders because sponsors want to be recognized.


How long have you been with TF Racing:  A season & a half.


Best advice from TF:  Not to be so hard on myself & have realistic expectations.  To allow myself time to learn when I’m racing against guys without a lot more experience.


You admire most of TF:  I admire Tom’s attention to detail and the time he spends with the racers.

One thing you would like to thank TF for:  I would like to genuinely thank TF for helping me to

flourish as a rider.


Describe Tom in one word:  Irreplaceable



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