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Logan Lanier

Logan Lanier # 522

 FTR Mini A

Bike: CRF 150R


Sponsors: My Mom & Dad, TF Racing Suspension; Huntinator;

Indian River All-Fab, Inc.;

HBD Motograpfx; Acerbis, Dunlop



2014-2015 FTR Harescramble Series 7th overall in Mini A.

2013-2014 FTR Harescramble Series - 2nd Place 65A Class

2011 - 2012 FTR Harescramble Series - Pee Wee A Champion

2011 Gold Cup Motocross Series: 50cc Open & 50cc (7-8) Class - 1st Place Championship

2011 Summer Slam Motocross Series @ Bithlo Motorsports -

50cc Open & 50cc( 7-8) - 1st Place Championship



Outside racing activities: I train at Gracie Martial Arts 3 x a week; I

also enjoy playing soccer and football


How long have you been with TF Racing? 2 years


Best advice from TF? To focus on improving the little mistakes

more than the bigger mistakes


When was your first race, where was it and how did it go? 

My first race was January 23, 2010 at the Brighton Harescramble.

It went really well, I got 1st place in the PeeWee C class.

I lapped the 2nd place rider within 11 minutes of the race.

I moved up to B class my next race. 


What got you into the sport? My parents


Favorite part of the sport? The competition


If you weren't racing on the weekends you would be _____________? 

At our property fishing, swimming in the pond and practicing on our track


Biggest influence? Charlie Mullins


Favorite MX rider?  James Stewart


Favorite track? Gatorback


Your best race ever was at Gatorback last year when I was on my KTM 65.

I beat my competition by 7 minutes and was in the overall standings

with the Mini A group. 


Biggest regret? Not trying my hardest in a few of the races last season.

It cost me the championship. 


What do you do in your free time? Fish, ride my bike and build stuff


Best thing to ever happen to you? I wrecked really bad at the start of the Apollo race on my 65.

I was last into the woods and ended up winning the race! 


Favorite bike? My current bike - CRF 150R


Favorite gear? Fox


What is your hype song?

Not appropriate for me but Sail

(Unlimited Gravity Remix)


Advice for young riders? Don't give up


Do you train every day? 

On top of jujitsu training at Gracie's Martial Arts;

I workout at home at least twice a week.

Training at Vero Beach Teens Crossfit.


Favorite food? Seafood - Crab, Lobster & Shrimp


Favorite Movie? Fast & Furious


Pet peeve on the track? Lappers


When you are in second how hard is it to stay focused on the win? It's hard, but I try really hard to keep calm and watch for lines to make the pass successful


Favorite thing you look forward to when you come back to the pits? 

To rest in the camper 


Your preference MX SX HS Enduro? Harescrambles


Plans for the future? Get a GNCC National Title


Next goal? Mini A Championship


Pets and their names? Pit Bull: Spec; Jack Russell: Bobber


Last book you read? Flush by Carl Hiaasen


You admire most of TF? The great advice


One thing you would like to thank TF for? 

Their hardwork and dedication to get my bike ready for the race.



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